Living in Klang Leu near Sihanoukville

Klang Leu near Sihanoukville

Klang Leu is a suburb just outside of Sihanoukville. You can see the shops when you get on the road to Phnom Penh, but to really appreciate Klang Leu, you have to go further. It gets more rural the further in you go and that’s where I’m living now. Unfortunately, I don’t have a camera right now. They couldn’t fix my phone, so I’m going to have to buy a new one. Too bad I … Continue reading

Why I haven’t been writing lately in my Sihanoukville Journal

high rises in sihanoukville

I was a little surprised to see my last entry was on September 6th. It’s now November 20th, so it was over two months ago. Well, I have an excuse. I have tendinitis in my left leg and riding my motorbike is painful. I can’t update photographs or even go swimming. I’m basically trying to heal and am stuck here at home. Sometimes I get article assignments to pass the time, but they only last … Continue reading

Life in Klang Leu near Sihanoukville

our house in klang leu

Klang Leu begins about where the Angkor Brewery is. Once you get past the brewery, you’re on Route 4 and see shops on both sides of the road. It extends, further, though, all the way to the Caltex station a few kilometres down the road. If you’re going towards Phnom Penh, turn left at several places and you will discover the real Klang Leu. As you go further, it becomes more rural,  but that may … Continue reading

Is Sihanoukville China’s New Colony?

the Hill in Sihanoukville

I read an article recently. The title was Photo Story: Sihanoukville, China’s New Colony. The article may have been right. The Chinese are coming to Sihanoukville in droves and buying property left and right. It’s not just high rises and casinos, either. They are buying smaller properties and many expats are leaving because the Chinese have driven up rents. I decided to skip the high rises and casinos because all of them have Chinese signs … Continue reading

Why it’s been so long between posts about Sihanoukville

dseaview sihanoukville

When I started this blog, it was because I saw a lot of positive things about Sihanoukville that seemed to be neglected in other blogs. Some of them were scathing, but they didn’t see Sihanoukville through my eyes, which were not focused on the expat and tourist centres. I explored Sihanoukville and found many wonderful places that were a little out of the way. I’m finding it hard to write positive blogs about Sihanoukville now. … Continue reading

My new favorite place for lunch and coffee: Otres Village

Escape in Otres Village, Sihanoukville

Now that we live in Klang Leu, I avoid Sihanoukville as much as possible, but still have to go there two or three times a week. My new favorite place for lunch and coffee is Otres Village. Two of my favorite restaurants have moved there since they were running out of customers in Sihanoukville. That’s because a lot of westerners have moved out and they were running out of customers because the Chinese only go … Continue reading

Life in Klang Leu

Klang Leu adjoins Sihanoukville. It doesn’t look like much from the highway, but becomes more rural the further back you go. We are now living on the outskirts of Klang Leu and I love it here. It’s so much quieter than Sihanoukville and there is almost no traffic. We still have to go to Sihanoukville for some things, but the contrast is so stark, I wonder how I managed living in Sihanoukville the past couple … Continue reading

Developments in Sihanoukville are going crazy


Sorry to be so obsessed about this, but every day I see something new and developments in Sihanoukville seem to be going crazy. Utopia was torn down last week and I suppose a casino or resort will replace it. Further down the road, I took a photo of the land that has been cleared for the new resort on Ochheuteal Beach (scroll to the bottom: this development has been suspended, thank goodness). The restaurants by the … Continue reading

Why we’re moving to Kampot

dseaview sihanoukville

When I started the Sihanoukville Journal, it was because I saw a lot of good things in this town. I hadn’t read many positive reviews, but I think that was because people didn’t notice the village atmosphere of most of the town. All that’s changing, though, and we’re moving to Kampot. It’s not just us, either. I was talking to a friend the other day and he named six people he knew who were moving … Continue reading

11 years in Cambodia

I rarely write personal posts, but will make an exception this time since yesterday was the day I came to stay and marks 11 years in Cambodia. I thought I was going to stay just a few years, but things turned out differently and I’m still quite happy here. I happened to have arrived on the day after my birthday and Sopheak threw a party for me at the hotel where we were staying. Last … Continue reading