Reiki in Sihanoukville?


When you think of Reiki and other forms of alternative/energy healing, Sihanoukville is probably not the first place that comes to mind. When Alyssa White, a Reiki practitioner based in Phnom Penh, told her clients and friends she was going to offer free introductory healing sessions at our new vegan/vegetarian restaurant, Dao of Life over Easter weekend, they were dubious, but they were wrong. Alyssa was booked out all day Saturday and Sunday and is … Continue reading

Why I Love Sihanoukville

Hawaii beach, Sihanoukville Cambodia

They say Cambodia has only two seasons — wet and dry. That may be true, but there are also transition periods when it’s a little of each. The in-between season leading up to Khmer New Year is my least favourite. Hot and humid, there’s little respite from the heat day or night. I was riding my motorbike down the least appealing stretch of Ekareach Street on a particularly humid day last week when it struck … Continue reading

My new blog and a little Sihanoukville news

Wow! This is the longest stretch between blogs since I started this Sihanoukville Journal. It’s not that I’ve lost interest — far from it. It seems like something new to write about pops up every day, but I’ve been busy with other things and just haven’t been able to find the time. Aside from a welcome influx of paid writing work, I’ve been trying to write a chapter a week of a full-length book about … Continue reading

The Good News in Cambodia

part of a fresco in Wat Otres, Sihanoukville Cambodia

There’s been a lot of bad news about Cambodia lately. Tensions between the two opposing political factions have been high. There’s continued talk about land grabs and illegal logging. As usual, there are elements of the press who simply have to look for as much bad news as possible. In a weird way, that was the case in an article I just read today. While Cambodia’s poverty rate drops, many still struggle to survive was … Continue reading

Welcome to the Future of Sihanoukville

road works in sihanoukville cambodia

I took the photograph at left in January 2013. It appeared in a Travelfish article I wrote, Rural Sihanoukville by Motorbike. After a marathon 10 days of working 12-15 hours a day, I decided to take a day off today. After spending some time relaxing at Sunset Lounge, I decided I really didn’t want to spend the rest of the day at the beach or any place else I go to regularly. Ideally, I wanted … Continue reading

Dead Flowers and other Valentine’s Day Oddities


I wasn’t a big fan of Valentine’s Day when I came to Cambodia, but wasn’t dumb enough to let my prejudice stand in the way of buying Sophie flowers and a card when the day rolled around a month after my arrival. I was dumb enough, though, to commit the unpardonable sin of throwing the flowers out two weeks later when I got sick of seeing wilted flowers sitting in a vase on our coffee … Continue reading

Random Sihanoukville News – and it’s all good

Dessert time at Olive & Olive

As I rapidly approach the end of the 3rd year of publishing the Sihanoukville Journal, I’m finding myself with less time to write in my journal, but more to write about. Pressed for time again, but excited about developments here in Sihanoukville, I’ve decided to give a quick rundown of random Sihanoukville news. Each of the places I mention here deserves a full post, but I don’t have time to cover them in depth. First … Continue reading

Searching for Solutions in Cambodian Politics

I’ve written several blogs in defence of Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen. It’s not because I’m a fan. It’s because the Western news is so overwhelmingly slanted against him, I think some balance is needed. Most recently, mainstream news and social media has been focusing on the police crackdown on striking garment workers in Phnom Penh. There’s no way five deaths and numerous injuries can be justified, but there are more than two sides to … Continue reading

Zen and the Art of Living in Sihanoukville


January 10th marked my 7th consecutive year of living in Sihanoukville. The night before, Sophie threw a birthday party for me. As is the custom here, before cutting the cake, I was asked to say a silent prayer. I couldn’t think of anything to pray for, because everything was perfect. Had it been any other time, I probably could have thought of a dozen things to pray for, both selfish and unselfish, but at that … Continue reading

Christmas in Sihanoukville — 7 years of change

Taking a head count of kids at our annual Christmas party

25 December marked the seventh consecutive Christmas I’ve celebrated in Sihanoukville. I think I’ve finally got the hang of it. The first couple of years, there were no kids older than about a year in the house and they couldn’t have cared less about Christmas. I did, though. I tried to keep up the time-honoured tradition of opening gifts early Christmas morning, but that seemed like a dumb idea to Sophie. Why put someone through … Continue reading