Sihanoukville a hot travel destination

Sophie at Sihanoukville Airport prior to flight to Siem Reap

When I came here in 2007, it was a big deal when a cruise ship came to town. Now we get 30 every year. A couple of weeks ago, Sophie got a nice job taking a family from one of them for a tour around Sihanoukville. They had a great time because she hand picked the sights. Others aren’t so lucky. They hop on a tour bus after trudging off the docks, take a spin … Continue reading

Sand War on Occheuteal Beach!

Serendipity Road, Sihanoukville Cambodia

Okay, that’s my first attention grabbing headline. Before you panic, the “war” is a peaceful one between Sihanoukville authorities and owners of restaurants on Ochheuteal Beach. If you’ve ever been there before, you’ve noticed how the sand is covered with tables and chairs from the pier to the end of the developed area. If officials get their way, the tables and chairs will have to be removed so beachgoers can enjoy the beach without having … Continue reading

Writing about Sihanoukville Cambodia: the real story


The impetus for this blog was never profit. It’s always been to present Sihanoukville Cambodia through my eyes: the eyes of an expat who loves his adopted culture. It’s never been quite enough, though. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my personal life like? What’s the inside story about my Cambodian family? Except for the odd snippet, I rarely write about that side of life on my blog. Every week, I get … Continue reading

Is it time to stop criticising Cambodia?

off the grid

Criticising Cambodia seems to be the national pastime amongst expats in this country. They get plenty of fuel for their criticisms from the Western media, which can’t seem to find anything good to say about the country. Even when the news is good, they put a negative spin on it. When the news is justifiably bad, you can find parallels or even more egregious activities going on in the country the media is reporting from. … Continue reading

Back street cafes in Sihanoukville

snookys, sihanoukville cambodia

Snooky’s is an unpretentious guesthouse/restaurant/bar on a residential street near downtown Sihanoukville. One of the few downtown establishments to survive the downturn in traffic after the old bus station was torn down and the beaches developed, it just seems to go from strength to strength in its own quiet way. I used to go there for breakfast occasionally. Now it’s become one of my regular dinner spots. The vastly improved menu has something to do … Continue reading

Cambodia’s CNRP Gets Seriously Weird

"Isn't he the coolest president?" Uh. No.

I didn’t want to write about this, but it’s just too weird to let slide. Recently a group of CNRP (Cambodia National Rescue Party) supporters asked the United States if they could join the fight against the Islamic State. According to one supporter quoted in the Cambodia Daily, “We are Cambodian youth and we want to show our will and concern on international issues.” Another, more melodramatic CNRP supporter was quoted by the Phnom Penh … Continue reading

Seeing Cambodia through fresh eyes


You don’t necessarily get jaded after you’ve lived in a place for a long time, but you do get used to things you considered odd or awesome when you first arrived. The great thing about showing first time visitors around is that you get to see everything through their eyes and it seems new and fresh again. We met my daughter, Chloe, and her boyfriend, Henry at Phnom Penh Airport at 4:00pm. After an emotional … Continue reading

Coming to Sihanoukville at Christmas? Plan Ahead!

sahaa beach resort

If you’re coming to Sihanoukville at Christmas time, I recommend booking your accommodation sooner rather than later. I know that sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s true. I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that I tried to get a Christmas booking for my son and his girlfriend at Tamu in April or May, but they were already booked out.  Fortunately, a friend was working on the new Sahaa Beach Resort in Otres … Continue reading

How good is the internet in Cambodia?

my PC

A lot of people have asked me: “How good is the internet in Cambodia?” Others may argue with me, but I think it’s very good. It wasn’t always so, though. When I came here in 2007, I only used the internet for email. Every day, I’d go to an internet café, check my mail, send mail and go home. I thought about having it installed at home, but it cost over $100 a month and … Continue reading

What’s happening at Sihanoukville’s Otres Beach?

otres future

A little over two years ago, I wrote about the New Road to Otres Beach. A couple of months later, I wrote Sihanoukville Master Plan Revealed! This photo accompanied the article: 2040 is a long way off, but they have to get started sometime, don’t they? Well, they have. See those yellow roads going off into the distance? One of them has been paved. It links up with Route 4 just outside of Sihanoukville near … Continue reading