Architecture in Sihanoukville


I mentioned in my last post that Sihanoukville is a new city. Even today there are big chunks of the city that are undeveloped. It’s filling in fast, though — so fast that some say it’s their biggest complaint about the city. It’s hard to find a quiet area where construction is not taking place and the infrastructure is having trouble keeping up with growth. Architecture in Sihanoukville Expats who want to build in Sihanoukville … Continue reading

A great day at the Kampot Writers and Readers Festival

readers and writers festival kampot cambodia

This year was the inaugural Kampot Writers and Readers Festival. On Saturday morning, our little writing group drove down to Kampot to attend. We were hopeful, but a little wary. A lot can go wrong during the teething stages of a new event. There were a couple of hiccoughs, but those were far outweighed by the success of the festival. We arrived a little late and I ended up watching the first panel discussion on … Continue reading

A Yoga Retreat in Sihanoukville Cambodia? Yep!

meditating at vagabond retreat sihanoukville cambodia

Sihanoukville isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you’re thinking about attending a yoga retreat, but it may be in the future. Not only do we have a yoga retreat, it’s doing very well. Vagabond Retreat is located near Independence Beach in a quiet and sparsely populated residential area. I first heard about it years ago, but couldn’t find its old location. After they moved, Shazia at Dao of Life told me how … Continue reading

The Sihanoukville Journal is back online

Update: 24 October It’s a bit sad, but here’s how my Google Analytics looks since my website went offline. At least some traffic is coming back and hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon: Just a quick post to let you know the Sihanoukville Journal is back online. All my websites were hacked and my host suspended my account until I could get the problem fixed. After spending $200 on an online service, I discovered … Continue reading

Deforestation in Cambodia

road works in sihanoukville cambodia

Update: 17 September: The Cambodia Daily published an article about this issue yesterday. The photo below from the article graphically illustrates how bad it is. If you read my blog regularly, you’ve probably noticed that I avoid criticising Cambodia. My intention from the beginning was to present the positive side of this country because it seemed like everyone from bloggers to the MSM liked to pick on Cambodia. While some criticisms are valid, others are … Continue reading

Signs of the times in Sihanoukville

autonomous port sihanoukville(mine)

I’ve read a barrage of stories about Sihanoukville recently. The one thing they all have in common is that they support my recent contention that Sihanoukville is a metropolis in the making. Unfortunately, some of my reading has been in print media and I can’t find the articles online, so you’ll just have to trust me. It started when I read that Sihanoukville Airport was being upgraded to accommodate international flights. This was always the … Continue reading

Two sides to the 2015 Cambodia NGO law debate

smiling faces at an NGO

The acronym NGO is almost synonymous with sainthood in the minds of many people. Non-Governmental Organisations are there to help people, right? They stay out of politics and selflessly do whatever they’re set up to do, whether it’s feeding the poor; giving children a better education; or providing healthcare. Some NGOs do those things. Others do them, but with an agenda that might not be in the interests of the culture they’re trying to help. … Continue reading

Secret beaches of Sihanoukville

white rabbit beach

I read another “authoritative” article about the noisy, congested beaches of Sihanoukville the other day. As usual, it was by someone who came here for a few days and spent all their time on Ochheuteal beach. Since they spent all of a few days in the one spot, they decided they were an authority on the subject of Sihanoukville. They mentioned Otres as an alternative, but didn’t give any details and an uninformed reader would … Continue reading

Sihanoukville Cambodia: a metropolis in the making

beach building 2

“Sihanoukville Cambodia: a metropolis in the making” – that’s a pretty bold headline, but it’s not off-the-mark. I’ve even been a little bit in denial about it, but a motorbike ride from Independence Beach to Serendipity Beach made me realise that it’s happening. I began my ride by going up Ekareach Street, where I noticed a lot of vacant lots were being filled in. Turning left at the stoplights at the Hill, I was relieved … Continue reading

Real Estate in Sihanoukville

apartments-sihanoukville 2

Long time, no post. I’ve been busy editing my book, which is now up to 80,000 words. In the meantime, Sihanoukville continues to grow at an almost alarming rate. Apartments are being built all over the place. Why? It’s because of the influx of workers and residents. Real Estate in Sihanoukville The last boom in real estate occurred in 2007. Then the recession hit. According to an article in the Khmer Times, Beach Property Prices … Continue reading