Why we’re moving to Kampot

dseaview sihanoukville

When I started the Sihanoukville Journal, it was because I saw a lot of good things in this town. I hadn’t read many positive reviews, but I think that was because people didn’t notice the village atmosphere of most of the town. All that’s changing, though, and we’re moving to Kampot. It’s not just us, either. I was talking to a friend the other day and he named six people he knew who were moving … Continue reading

11 years in Cambodia

I rarely write personal posts, but will make an exception this time since yesterday was the day I came to stay and marks 11 years in Cambodia. I thought I was going to stay just a few years, but things turned out differently and I’m still quite happy here. I happened to have arrived on the day after my birthday and Sopheak threw a party for me at the hotel where we were staying. Last … Continue reading

Shades of old Sihanoukville

Everywhere you look in Sihanoukville, new developments are going up. It’s becoming a city of contrasts between extreme wealth and poverty. That may sound sad, but some of the poorer people here are happier than the wealthier ones. As long as they can feed their families and send their children to school, many of them seem content with life. I decided to look for shades of old Sihanoukville I knew and loved before the high … Continue reading

Development in Sihanoukville: a photo blog

development near Independence beach Sihanoukville Cambodia

I’ve written about development in Sihanoukville in a few recent posts, including Big Changes in Sihanoukville and Sihanoukville is Growing Fast Everywhere You Look. I guess I’m a little obsessed about it because I see new developments everywhere I go. Some are apartment blocks, others are casinos and the larger ones are hotels and resorts. I could post 100 photos of developments and still just scratch the surface, so I’ll just share some I saw … Continue reading

Trash and treasure in Sihanoukville


I started this blog because I had a lot of positive things to say about Sihanoukville. I purposely did not write negative things, but that may have been a little misleading. Like anyplace else, there are positives and negatives about Sihanoukville. I went to my favourite beaches today and took photos of both the positives and negatives. This blog is about trash and treasure in Sihanoukville. I’m not picking on Sihanoukville alone. When I went … Continue reading

Cambodia getting tougher on visa extensions

I’ve been living in Cambodia for over 10 years. When I need a visa extension, I’ve just paid the money and automatically gotten a year’s visa. That’s about to change. Cambodia is getting tougher on visa extensions. According to sources, you can get two types of visas. One requires a work permit. Another requires proof of retirement. It’s still a little confusing and Facebook hasn’t helped. I’ve read too many contradictory reports. One person said … Continue reading

Big Changes in Sihanoukville

My last post was about the Chinese in Sihanoukville. Maybe I should have titled it, “The Chinese Invasion of Sihanoukville.” It’s a peaceful invasion, but I didn’t realise until today how big of an impact they’re having everywhere in Sihanoukville. I’ve heard rumours, but I don’t listen to rumours I hear on the Hill. I learned that lesson years ago. Today, however, I learned more from the woman who runs Escape Cafe on Serendipity Road. … Continue reading

Random reflections on life in Sihanoukville while swimming

swimming in sihanoukville cambodia

I love to go swimming. This is my current swimming hole in Sihanoukville. I usually like to watch the clouds in the sky when I swim backstroke and watch the play of light on the sand when I do the crawl. Today, my thoughts wandered a little. I haven’t left Sihanoukville in over a year, but I’m still happy here. I know others are not, though. I overhear conversations, have conversations and see people frowning … Continue reading

Chinese in Sihanoukville


You can’t help but notice the numbers of Chinese in Sihanoukville. You see them everywhere. Despite the myth they travel in large packs, I’ve seen families, backpackers, couples and small groups of Chinese everywhere from the Hill to Otres Beach. There is a lot of controversy about them. Some say they are driving rental rates up and others say they are generally rude and arrogant. One thing I’ve noticed is that they do tend to … Continue reading

Sihanoukville is Growing Fast Everywhere You Look

big development at otres beach sihanoukville

They cut down a tree in front of my office last week. I loved the tree and had been watching it grow for over 10 years. I was surprised by what I saw after they cut it down. I saw two high rises in the distance and three cranes. They look much closer than they look in this photo. It just reminded me that Sihanoukville is growing fast. I know where these developments are. I … Continue reading