Seeing Cambodia through fresh eyes


You don’t necessarily get jaded after you’ve lived in a place for a long time, but you do get used to things you considered odd or awesome when you first arrived. The great thing about showing first time visitors around is that you get to see everything through their eyes and it seems new and fresh again. We met my daughter, Chloe, and her boyfriend, Henry at Phnom Penh Airport at 4:00pm. After an emotional … Continue reading

Coming to Sihanoukville at Christmas? Plan Ahead!

sahaa beach resort

If you’re coming to Sihanoukville at Christmas time, I recommend booking your accommodation sooner rather than later. I know that sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s true. I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that I tried to get a Christmas booking for my son and his girlfriend at Tamu in April or May, but they were already booked out.  Fortunately, a friend was working on the new Sahaa Beach Resort in Otres … Continue reading

How good is the internet in Cambodia?

my PC

A lot of people have asked me: “How good is the internet in Cambodia?” Others may argue with me, but I think it’s very good. It wasn’t always so, though. When I came here in 2007, I only used the internet for email. Every day, I’d go to an internet café, check my mail, send mail and go home. I thought about having it installed at home, but it cost over $100 a month and … Continue reading

What’s happening at Sihanoukville’s Otres Beach?

otres future

A little over two years ago, I wrote about the New Road to Otres Beach. A couple of months later, I wrote Sihanoukville Master Plan Revealed! This photo accompanied the article: 2040 is a long way off, but they have to get started sometime, don’t they? Well, they have. See those yellow roads going off into the distance? One of them has been paved. It links up with Route 4 just outside of Sihanoukville near … Continue reading

Modern Architecture in Sihanoukville

modern architecture in sihanoukville cambodia

I stumbled across a new online service the other day. momondo offers flights from London to Sihanoukville. Aside from the obvious (that Sihanoukville is now a bona fide international travel destination), it got me thinking about what surprises were in store for first time visitors here. Sihanoukville’s modern architecture might be one of them. Then again, they may not see it unless they go to Otres beach or the hills behind the city, where some … Continue reading

One day in Sihanoukville?

otres beach, sihanoukville, cambodia

What would you do if you only had one day to see Sihanoukville? It’s a question most people who come here on cruise ships don’t usually ask. Bus trips around the city are part of their package. I see them now and then. The bus drops them off at the old bus station and they make their way on foot to Psar Leu. I’ve seen the buses parked at the top of Serendipity Road and … Continue reading

Village Life

lao border 2 pics

I just finished writing Plato’s American Cave on my other blog and it reminded me that I’ve been wanting to write about village life in Sihanoukville for a long time. Really, though, I’ve been wanting to write about village life, as opposed to city life, in general, because it’s a subject that’s dear to my heart. What is Village Life? By “village life,” I mean a way of life that is vanishing. Villages in the … Continue reading

The Sun Shines in Sihanoukville!


The sun shines in Sihanoukville at last! It’s 3:00 on the third straight day of sunny weather. Normally, that wouldn’t be news, but June, July and the first week of August were some of the rainiest I can remember. I usually like the rainy season, but it was wearing thin after two months. For us here in Sihanoukville, it was just an inconvenience, but in flood-prone parts of Cambodia, things got serious. Saturday started off … Continue reading

Nice day at the beach. Genocide in Gaza.

otres beach, sihanoukville, cambodia

One of Sihanoukville’s claims to fame is that it was the scene of the last battle of the Vietnam War. Not long after I came here in 2007, I saw evidence of it when road workers dug up an unexploded bomb. Or maybe it was just one of the 2.4 million tons of bombs the U.S. dropped on Cambodia during the Vietnam War. At any rate, that may be one of the reasons why I … Continue reading

Cambodian Leaders’ Historic Handshake


I wanted to make my 200th entry special and nothing is more special than this. Since the last election, Cambodia has been in a state of tension. Compared with other flashpoints around the world, it hasn’t been serious, but there has been violence. Once violence takes hold, it usually escalates. In my last post, I reported that the CPP and CNRP came to an agreement to hold a 2018 election in exchange for a new … Continue reading