Beaches of Sihanoukville: Independence Beach

The Small Beach Bar

In my last post, I wrote about My New Office at the Small Beach Bar. It was another glorious day today after some on-again-off-again rain throughout the week, so I turned off my computers and took my camera with us to the Small Beach Bar this morning. I overdosed on the sun, but never mind, we had a great day.

The Small Beach Bar is located on Independence Beach, which may or may not be named after the Independence Hotel, Sihanoukville’s “other” 5 Star hotel, along with the Sokha Resort. Fortunately for us plebeians, only a small portion of the beach is reserved for hotel patrons.

Independence Beach looking east from the pier

As you can see, there’s not much beach at Independence Beach, but the photos were taken at high tide. At low tide, you can walk the length of it on flat, hard packed sand. Even at high tide, there’s enough sand for beach lounges. The sea wall is in the process of being repaired, but in the meantime, there are some dodgy but negotiable stairs down to the beach.

What I love most about Independence Beach is the ambiance. Those who go there do so to get away from the crowds of Ochheuteal. It’s usually a mixture of families, couples and individuals who want to enjoy a day at the beach and a good meal. It is run by the owner of the Small Hotel, one of the best guesthouses in the city and one that is renowned for its great food at reasonable prices. Although the Small Beach Bar does include a bar, it’s not the kind of bar where barang park themselves at 10 in the morning and only head for the water to take a leak. Today, there must have been 5 happy families there plus a smattering of couples.

Independence Hotel beach

Independence Beach is not my favourite Sihanoukville beach, but it’s my favourite Sihanoukville Beach with amenities. We used to go to the Airport at Victory Beach because they have wireless, but now that I’ve got my wireless USB connection, we can go anywhere. The Small Beach Bar is ideal because you don’t need to give your possessions or money a second thought: the staff looks after everything for you and the beach doesn’t attract thieves anyway.

I’ve added these and a few more photos to my Sihanoukville Photo Journal. Click the link to view them. Enjoy the photographs and when your come to Sihanoukville, enjoy Independence Beach!

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Rob Schneider is a writer based in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where he has lived since 2006.

3 Responses to Beaches of Sihanoukville: Independence Beach

  1. Daniel + Tahnee says:

    Thank you for another informative article. In it you mention a point “you don’t need to give your possessions or money a second thought: the staff looks after everything for you”. As a tourist couple who are love the laid back life of Shianoukville, would you be able to give some pointers on the best way to keep your valuables on the beach? It goes without saying that you should carry minimum cash etc. But what about for the treasure trove of trinkets in a girls handbag? or a small camera to catch the day’s attractions? Are all/some/none of the Ochheuteal bars safe to leave goods? Do you bury your things in plastic bags (Aussie style!)? any pointers would be greatly accepted! Might see you round the small beach bar on the weekend!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment. I think it deserves a fairly detailed reply, so I’m saving most tips for a blog post. Two things to keep in mind, though: 1) Never ride a motorbike with a handbag dangling off your arm. Thieves may attempt to pull it off. In the process, they will make you fall off the motorbike. 2) Leave your jewellery at home when you go to the beach.

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