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entrance to Sokha Beach Resort, Sihanoukville CambodiaI’ve never actually stayed at the Sokha Beach Resort, but I often go there. Sometimes I just ride my bike through the grounds, sometimes I take the kids to their great children’s park (slightly forbidden) and sometimes we enjoy the pool there. What I love about it is the luxurious yet relaxed atmosphere. I find some 4 and 5 Star resorts somewhat snooty, but Sokha is nothing like that.

See the limo in the picture above? We rented that for a couple of hours on our wedding day and cruised around Sihanoukville like superstars. Actually, we were packed in there with half of our neighbours, who never even dreamed of riding in a limo before.

Jasmine Spa at Sokha Beach Resort, Sihanoukville CambodiaWe used to go to the Jasmine Spa a lot, but Sopheak is shy, so was unable to really relax in the women’s part of the spa and I’m only semi-interested in having a sauna, steam bath or spa, so after the novelty wore off, we quit going. It is lovely, though and I’m sure they give great massages. They must be doing something right, because they recently enlarged it.

Swimming pool at Sokha Beach Resort, Sihanoukville CambodiaMy favourite part of Sokha Resort is the swimming pool area. It’s a nice big pool that has a large shallow area for kids, is big enough to swim laps in and has a nook next to the bar for those who want to enjoy a drink while they’re in the pool.

Just this year, the new wing and the wonderful bungalows on the water were completed. Now that the lagoon has filled and the water plants are blooming, it looks magical and I’m sure would be perfect for a honeymoon retreat. Although it’s on the grounds of the existing Sokha Sihanoukville resort, this part of the resort has a different name, the rather long-winded Moha Mohori by Sokha Hotels and Resorts. As word gets out about it, I’m sure they’ll shorten it to just Moha Mohori.

Moha Mohori bungalows at Sokha Beach Resort, Sihanoukville CambodiaWhen you look at the photos, you’ll probably assume that Sokha Beach Resort is prohibitively expensive. By Sihanoukville standards, it is, but I can’t think of many other places in the world where you can stay at a resort of this standard for around $100-$120 a night. Even ordinary motels in Australia cost around that and if you wanted to stay at a beachside resort of this calibre, it would probably set you back around $500 per night.

Pagoda Rocks Resort Bungalows, Sihanoukville Cambodia

Pagoda Rocks

So, now that you’ve had an inside look at Sokha Beach Resort, are you tempted to stay there? Just click the links above to book your room. If you’re looking for something smaller or less expensive, check out my Sihanoukville Accommodations pages and if you’re looking for something just as nice as Sokha, but more intimate (and cheaper), try Pagoda Rocks. I’ve just spent two days there updating their website copy and it’s wonderful. I wish I could work there every day.

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  1. An impressive share! I loved that Sokha has a private beach, and it is the only 5 star Hotel in Sihanoukville. That’s what i heard. but, to be honest i’ve ever been there. I’m doing to arrange for a visit to Sihanoukville next month. Thank you for supplying this info.

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