Is this the best Italian food in Sihanoukville?

When you’re driving up or down Ekareach Street between downtown and the Golden Lions, you can’t miss the big “Pizza Company” sign. No, they don’t serve the best Italian food in Sihanoukville, but a little place nearby just may.


The Spaghetti House has two tiny signs advertising “Spaghetti $2”. One’s on Ekareach Street and the other’s in front of the restaurant. The restaurant’s been open about a year now, but I only started eating there regularly a few months ago. For about 4 months, I didn’t know it was there and only noticed the sign when we were going to the Pizza Company one night with friends. “How good can $2 spaghetti be?” I thought at the time.

One night I was having a massive craving for Italian food, but was short on cash, so I decided to give it a try. The owner, Stefano, recommended spinach and ricotta ravioli. Although it was a whopping $4.50 plus another $1.50 for wine, I decided to try it. It was nothing short of awesome.


Since then I’ve tried a number of dishes and they’re all equally delicious.  While you can get spaghetti for $2, you never have to spend a lot for even his best dishes.

I like Spaghetti House so much, I was tempted not to write about it. He doesn’t really need the business, since he has a number of regular customers and likes keeping the restaurant small and relaxed. I can’t help myself, though, so I’ve decided to give it a review before the high season, when I start getting a lot more traffic on my blog. This way, hopefully, there will always be an empty table for me when I go there to eat.


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Rob Schneider is a writer based in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where he has lived since 2006.

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