Halloween in Sihanoukville

Monkey Republic had their relaunch party on the 26th. From what I read on Facebook, the party was a big success. If you’re one of the multitudes of backpackers who call Monkey Republic their home-away-from-home, you should be following the Monkey Republic Facebook page.


They’re following it up with a big Halloween party:



There’s also a big Halloween bash at Otres Beach. It’s at Moonlight Rock Resort. A new Sihanoukville resort, I haven’t been there yet, but will definitely check it out next time I’m at Otres. In the meantime, here’s the Moonlight Rock Resort Facebook page.


Clearly, Halloween in Sihanoukville 2013 is going to be huge. I’m sure there will be other Halloween parties, but these are the two that came to my attention.

Sihanoukville continues to grow faster than even I can keep track of and I live here. As it grows, competition between businesses and even beaches becomes fiercer and for every 10 businesses that start up, others close. Red Club folded awhile back and the Airport at Victory Beach is now gone. From what I’ve been told, the land was sold (or more likely, leased) to a Chinese company that is going to build a casino there.

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Meanwhile, some businesses on Serendipity Road have been doing well, while others are really struggling. It’s not because of a lack of tourists. Backpackers are coming to Sihanoukville in ever increasing numbers, but they have more options to choose from than in the past. One business owner who has his finger on the pulse and has a big stake in Serendipity agreed with me that there were more backpackers in town than ever before, but business was slow in his area because they were gravitating towards Otres beach and Koh Rong. That was just after the fire destroyed Monkey Republic and damaged Mick and Craig’s, though. Now that they are back (and better than ever), I think business should be good again in the Serendipity area. We’ll see.

Okay, I have to go make a living now. I just wanted to post about Halloween in Sihanoukville before it comes and goes.

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