The Sun Shines in Sihanoukville!

The sun shines in Sihanoukville at last! It’s 3:00 on the third straight day of sunny weather. Normally, that wouldn’t be news, but June, July and the first week of August were some of the rainiest I can remember. I usually like the rainy season, but it was wearing thin after two months. For us here in Sihanoukville, it was just an inconvenience, but in flood-prone parts of Cambodia, things got serious.

Saturday started off overcast, but that didn’t stop people from going to the beach:

hawaii beachAs the day progressed, the skies cleared and people were out and about doing everything from fishing to feeding the monkeys on the road next to the Independence Hotel.

fishingAs you can see, the monkeys were out in force. Maybe it was because they hadn’t been able to sponge off passersby for so long or maybe it was because some silly person tossed their bananas into the road instead of on to the side of the road. I don’t know, but they weren’t moving, even for this big car.

monkeysOn Saturday night, we threw a big birthday bash for Kelly at Happy Burger. Way back when Luna had her first birthday party in 2008, I came up with the bright idea of inviting all the village children to birthday parties. Around a dozen attended then. I didn’t factor in the possibility that our village would grow. Nearly three dozen came to Kelly’s party. We commandeered the play area and tables upstairs and left such a mess, I think I’ll avoid Happy Burger for awhile until the staff forgets I was responsible.

party at happy burger, sihanoukvilleAs expected, the party didn’t go without incident, but fortunately, it was a minor one and the girl recovered quickly after her leg got trampled on on the trampoline.

Sunday was a glorious day. Sophie and I were able to escape and spend a few hours at Independence Beach to recover from the party. I went for four swims and got a sunburn in spite of the fact that we were sitting in the shade. Last night, we did something unprecedented and had dinner at Ochheuteal Beach. We went early, so it was actually quite pleasant and relaxing. Speaking of Ochheuteal, I should write something about the Sihanoukville party scene. I noticed today my blog doesn’t get a mention when I google that search term. On the other hand, maybe I won’t. It’s the one thing I don’t like about this town.

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I’ve been wanting to write something about village life in Sihanoukville, but need to take some photos to illustrate what I want to write about. It’s an important subject to me, because if you don’t understand that Sihanoukville is still divided up into about 30 little unofficial villages, you don’t understand the social dynamics of the city. What we lack in central governance, we make up for in the villages. I saw an example of this just the other night, when a couple of drunk men got into a fight. The villagers broke it up. No one went to jail and life went back to normal the next day.

It’s been awhile between posts. As my last blog suggests, I’ve been more interested in events in Gaza than in Sihanoukville and I wrote a flurry of posts on the subject on my new blog, Expat Journal. They were kind of a departure from my usual topics, but that’s why I dropped my old blog in the first place.  Just writing about freelance writing gets boring and repetitive. It’s been a slow crawl getting readers, but my latest post, How to Become a Journalist (a real journalist, that is) has been doing pretty well and a couple of my blogs about Gaza, especially Jews Against Zionism and Debunking Zionist Myths, have been doing well, too. Check it out if you get the chance.

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Rob Schneider is a writer based in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where he has lived since 2006.

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  1. hanagirl says:

    It’s difficult to find educated people in this particular topic, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking
    about! Thanks

  2. brent maupin says:

    the us federal government should be gradually phased out and replaced by a loose confederation of bio-regional city-states.

  3. eileen says:

    Lovely – how are monkeys with dogs on leads? We’re planning our move – living in a village outside Chiang Mai right now – glad to hear Sihanoukville is similarly arranged in villages. Hope it stays that was for a good while.

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