Sihanoukville Development Not Just for Tourists

AIPA-31 General Assembly wraps up in Hanoi – VietNam Today’s blog The General Assembly heard and adopted reports presented by its committees and decisions to announce India as a new observer of AIPA and organize AIPA-32 in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, in mid-September 2011, and heads of delegation from … — Fri, 13 May 2011 16:56:22 -0700 Mekong River Crisis: Activists join forces against Laos’ Xayaburi … … groups sent a letter to Lao Prime Minister … Continue reading

Some Tips for Expats Working Online

I bought a new laptop last week just so I could do what I’m doing today. As offices go, my  home office is pretty good, but I spend far too much time there and really don’t get the opportunity to get out of the house alone much. My laptop is my attempt to redress a pretty severe imbalance in my life. Freelance writing has been more than a full time job. In fact, during my … Continue reading

Possible Good News about Thailand Cambodia Border Dispute

VAN Sar: Bangkok Post : Yellow-shirts set to end rally Beside it proposes to deal also with internal peace to prevent turmoil and protest like tohe ones that plague countries in the Middle East like Egypt, Tunisia, etc. Background Cambodia, remnant of the glorious Khmer Empire, had lost 30 of her 54 provinces to Vietnam and Thailand, and due to internal strifes, she was forced to accept France Protectorate in 1863 that last 90 years … Continue reading

Border Clashes in My Sihanoukville Neighbourhood, too

Thailand, Cambodia clash at border for 9th day – AP – AsiaWorks … BANGKOK, Thailand – Troops from Thailand and Cambodia exchanged fire at the countries’ contested border again Saturday, marking the ninth straight day of clashes that have left at least 16 people dead and displaced nearly 100000. … — Sat, 30 Apr 2011 01:52:20 -0700 It’s been a stressful day. While the clashes at the Thai-Cambodia border are more serious, we’ve been … Continue reading

Surrealistic Pillow: A Cambodian Story about Spirit Possession (Part One)

I wrote this in April of 2006, while we were building our house and waiting for our daughter Luna to be born: Sometime shortly after Sopheak and I moved out of the guest house and into the small house on our property she received a phone call from Phnom Penh. Her cousin Sokha was in trouble. Sokha’s mother and father had both died when she was only four and since then she had been cared … Continue reading

More News about the Border Clash between Thailand and Cambodia

KI-Media2: [KI Media] Cambodia Says Thai Shells Damaged Ancient … Cambodia accused Thailand of damaging two ancient temples during three days of border clashes that killed 12 people, as Southeast Asian diplomats struggled Monday to find a way to end the repeated deadly flare-ups. … — Mon, 25 Apr 2011 01:39:00 -0700 If you click the link to the article, it may come up in Khmer. To read it in English, click the “English” … Continue reading

Easter Sihanoukville Writing Workshop and Visit to Ream

Amazingly, given the fact that we weren’t able to publicise Jan Cornall’s Writing Workshop as well as we would have liked, 12 people turned up for her mini writing workshop and luncheon at Q&A Bookshop in Sihanoukville. Six local Khmers turned up, including a philosophy professor and a poetry prize winning student. A mixed bag of expats and tourists made up the barang contingent. It was a great group and a great workshop. One of … Continue reading

Cambodia and Thailand Border Clash

6 soldiers killed in Thailand-Cambodia border clash ~ Khmer News … Thai soldiers and hospital workers evacuate an injured soldier after he was shot in an exchange of gunfire with Cambodian troops in Surin province near the Thai-Cambodian border. (AFP/Getty Images / April 22, 2011) … — Fri, 22 Apr 2011 16:27:00 -0700 For other bloggers’ information:  I got the Super News WordPress Plugin and ShrinktheWeb thumbnail generator to make this news post. As … Continue reading

In Defence of the Sihanoukville Police

I received one comment to my last post, In Praise of the Sihanoukville Police and several interesting comments on the Lonely Planet and Travelfish forums to similar threads. I was on a mission for the SV police. They came in two forms: clichés and thoughtful comments. The clichés went something like this: The Sihanoukville police force is the best police force money can buy and The Sihanoukville police never investigate a crime. They just take … Continue reading

In Praise of the Sihanoukville Police

I know that if my blog had a following, I would get a stream of comments telling me about the corruption of Cambodian police and the mistreatment people have received at their hands. All I can say to these imaginary readers is that what follows has been my experience in the past five years. The most recent example is what prompted this post, so I’ll use that as my example. Yesterday I returned home to … Continue reading