Sihanoukville Accommodation

What are you looking for in a Sihanoukville accommodation? Are you a backpacker looking for the cheapest possible accommodation? It’s still possible to find a place to stay for under $6 a night. Do you want something nicer, but still cheap? Even in the high season, it’s possible to find an air-conditioned room for $15 a night.

In the past, there were only a few places you could stay in Sihanoukville that had pools, very good restaurants and other luxuries, but the demand was there and most newer hotels and bungalows here are catering to mid-market customers looking for better Sihanoukville accommodation. This is just a small sampling of what’s available. For more, click here. It will take you to a full list of Sihanoukville hotels and online booking forms. I get a small commission, so thanks in advance.

Below is an updated (8 June 2014) list of places you can stay. It’s a short, hand-picked selection of places I am personally familiar with.

Aqua Resort Sihanoukville Cambodia

Aqua Resort

The Aqua Resort Sihanoukville is very clean, well managed and surprisingly inexpensive, considering the size of its swimming pool, the quality of its restaurant and its comfortable and spacious rooms. Located on Kanda Street, the third of the three streets that run parallel to Ochheuteal Beach, the Aqua Resort is recommended for singles, couples and families who want to stay within easy walking distance of the beach and the amenities on Mithona Street but have a quiet retreat to return to at the end of the day or evening. Free WiFi is available.




Beach Club Resort Sihanoukville Cambodia

Beach Club Resort

A Danish run hotel, the Beach Club Resort Sihanoukville is a mainstay for frequent Sihanoukville visitors. I have not yet personally visited the Beach Club, but have heard many good things about it. It is in an excellent location on Tola Street, right behind the busier Mithona Street. It is located near all the restaurants on Tola Street, so you’ll never be without a wide selection of restaurants to choose from and it takes about 2 minutes to walk to Ochheuteal Beach.




Beach Road Hotel Sihanoukviille Cambodia

Beach Road Hotel

Beach Road Hotel is one of the more popular hotels at the top of Mithona Street. Ideally located opposite Serendipity Road, everything is at your doorstep when you stay at Beach Road, but many of the guests seem to find everything they want right there within the confines of the hotel itself. Their popular bar has several Happy Hours every afternoon and evening. Check out the upstairs lounge with its hanging lounge chairs: kick back and watch the world go by on Mithona Road.




Coolabah Resort Sihanoukville Cambodia

Coolabah Resort

The Coolabah Resort Sihanoukville is in a superb location right on Mithona Street but just enough away from the centre of the action to make it a peaceful place to retreat to at the end of the day. Its lush garden setting, great restaurant and swimming pool make it the kind of Sihanoukville hotel you will want to spend time in relaxing rather than just sleeping at night. Recommended for chilled out singles, couples and families.




The Cove Beach Bungalows in Sihanoukville Cambodia

The Cove Beach Bungalows

The Cove Beach Bungalows make the most of the stunning hillside at the Western edge of Serendipity Beach sometimes called the Cove. I haven’t stayed here yet, but I have stayed at nearby Coasters and loved it for the setting alone. While so much of Sihanoukville has an urban feel to it, out here, you feel like you are on a tropical island oasis. Of course, you can go out to the islands and be on a real tropical oasis, but the advantage of the Cove is that you are just a short stroll from all the restaurants, bars, nightspots and other things Sihanoukville has to offer. Rates: Moderate 14 June 2012 – note updated info from manager in comment below!




Golden Sand Hotel Sihanoukville Cambodia

Golden Sand Hotel

The Golden Sand Hotel looks like a grand hotel from an earlier era, which in a way it is. We used to often go use their pool and have poolside lunches, but haven’t been there for a couple of years. The hotel’s reputation suffered for a few years when newer hotels made it seem old-fashioned in comparison, but now, after extensive renovations, it has made a comeback.





Holiday Villa Nataya has taken over as the largest and most luxurious hotel on Serendipity Beach Road. I’ve never been inside, but it’s even larger than it appears from the front. If you’re looking for luxury in the heart of the busy tourist district, this is probably the place to look at first.



Independence Hotel Sihanoukville Cambodia

Independence Hotel

The Independence Hotel, Resort and Spa is one of Sihanoukville’s oldest and most distinguished resorts. Built in the 1960s, the hotel survived the Khmer Rouge and the long, slow years that followed as Cambodia rebuilt and restored its reputation as a safe tourist destination. Now a member of the prestigious Sterling Hotel Group, a new wing has recently been added which is said to be magnificent. The new pool is a picture of luxury. The Independence is a great hotel to stay in if you like a secluded environment in a beautiful natural setting. The drive up the hill from the guard station to the hotel lobby makes you feel like you’re entering a different world, which in a way you are. This hotel and its grounds are often seen on Cambodian music videos and local soaps.




Mushroom Point Otres Beach, Sihanoukville CambodiaMushroom Point is one of the most interesting places you can stay in Sihanoukville. The theme is mushrooms and all the bungalows and other structures at Mushroom Point are shaped like mushrooms. As funky as that sounds, the rooms are actually very nice and the place has a nice feel to it. Actually, there are 2 Mushroom Points – one on the beach side and one just opposite. The one opposite the beach has a lovely garden setting.




Pagoda Rocks Boutique Resort Sihanoukville Cambodia

Pagoda Rocks

Pagoda Rocks Boutique Guesthouse is a stunning boutique guesthouse up on the hill near Wat Leu (leu means high, wat means pagoda). I took the panoramic photo on my header from up there back in 2007 and imagined building a similar guesthouse. While I lacked the funds or the nerve, Mr. Tola apparently had both and created this oasis of tranquillity, complete with an infinity edge pool. For more information, check out my blog, An Idyllic Sihanoukville Resort.




Reef Resort

The Reef Resort is a very nice resort on the top of the hill above Serendipity Beach near the Golden Lions traffic circle. Recently taken over by the owners of the New Seaview Villa, the menu, which was already good, has been expanded and improved. Nobody seems to have a bad word to say about the Reef Resort, which is impressive, considering the eclectic mix of people who come to Sihanoukville and their varying tastes.




Seaside Hotel Sihanoukville Cambodia

Seaside Hotel

The sprawling Seaside Hotel is in an ideal location at the bottom of Mithona Road, just opposite Ochheuteal Beach. Take your choice between one of the 90 rooms in the hotel or a bungalow on the adjoining property and you’ll find everything you need for a comfortable stay in a Sihanoukville hotel. Every room includes a large LCD TV with cable and satellite access, WiFi and optional air conditioning. While not large, the pool is more than adequate for a refreshing dip and the hotel restaurant is in a lovely garden setting.




Secret Garden at Otres Beach, Sihanoukville CambodiaThe Secret Garden at Otres Beach doesn’t seem to be much of a secret any more, but it is secreted away at the far end of the beach. The first Otres Beach accommodation to have a swimming pool, it has spacious, well-appointed bungalows and a lovely garden. On the beach side of the road directly opposite the bungalows, they also have a restaurant/bar and private beach area. If you’re looking for a little luxury on Otres Beach, this may be the Sihanoukville accommodation for you.




Serendipity Beach Resort

Completed late in 2011, the Serendipity Beach Resort was one of the first large and luxurious Sihanoukville hotels to be completed on the newly refinished Serendipity Road leading to the beach. Just metres away from the pier and a short, level walk to Ochheuteal Beach, Serendipity Beach Resort caters to families and discerning singles. Rates: Moderate to Expensive, but very moderate considering the size of the swimming pool (30m) and the luxurious touches.




Sokha Resort Sihanoukville

Sokha Beach Resort

Sokha Resort Sihanoukville is Sihanoukville’s grandest resort. We frequently go there to use their pool ($5 per adult per day) and their playground and occasionally go to the spa. I also ride my bike around its spacious grounds frequently, so I guess you could say that in spite of never having stayed there, I know it pretty well. While $100+- per night is a lot by our standards, it’s absurdly cheap considering its deluxe atmosphere. Recently enlarged, there are even more rooms at Sokha than ever before.




tamu, otres beach, sihanoukville cambodia

Tamu beach restaurant

Tamu Hotel is on Otres 2 beach, near the Secret Garden. The most stylish hotel on Otres beach so far (more are coming), it has a pool and a wonderful beach front restaurant directly opposite the hotel. One of the most expensive hotels on Otres beach, it is also one of the most popular. Book well in advance or you might be disappointed.

24 Responses to Sihanoukville Accommodation

  1. James says:

    Hi, I’m so glad I found your website. I’ll be coming to Sihanoukville sometime two months from now. I’ve been teaching English in China for the past year and my contract will end next month. I bought a ticket for Phnom Penh and I’ll arrive on March 30th. First, I’ll spend about a week in the capitol and after that I’m gonna head to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat. Then I’ll eventually head to Sihanoukville to find a teaching job. I was wondering if I can find single room in a guesthouse for around $7 a night? I don’t need air conditioning or anything. I just spent two months in Urumqi living in an apartment with no TV, internet, refrigerator, or even hot water. When I wanted to take a shower I had to boil a huge pot of water and mix it with cold water in a gigantic bucket. So I’m kind of used to ruffing it. All I need is a single room with an internet connection for around $7 a night. Sharing a bathroom is alright. Eventually I’ll get an apartment but I’d like to stay in a guesthouse until I find a job.

    • I’m not sure what prices are now, but I think the cheapest guesthouses are downtown. They used to be about $6, but that was a few years ago. Some of them seem fine. Basic, but clean. Some have decent restaurants and it’s easy enough to get around from downtown. Hope that helps.

  2. anon says:


  3. john kelly says:


    I just saw a show on BUSINESS NEW,S ASIA
    Which said you can rent a villa in
    your area myb even on the beach for
    $250/month was that furnished to.

    just caught the tail end of the show

    if you ever want tip.s on INDONESIA
    im your man.

    im getting itchy feet here.
    I have been to your area before in 2007.


    John Kelly

  4. eileen says:

    My husband and I plus our four rescued street dogs and a housefull of furniture are looking to transfer to Sihanoukville from Chiang Mai, Thailand, before we’re forced out by the political developments here .
    We’re planning to have home built but, obviously, that will take time. Wondering about a rental place which will accept dogs plural – none of which eat furniture or fittings! Also, average rental costs, etc.

    Advice desperately needed – we’re on retirement visas and rumours suggest they’re next in line for the Junta to hit out at. Have lived happily in Thailand for 8 years now but, since May, xenophobia rules and is definitely not OK!

  5. I look forward to every email from you,,,I was in PP in 2002,,Russian Mkt etcetcetc,,loved it,,been living Thailand Phuket,,4 years,,,,I will be coming over this fall to stay for awhile as you have done an outstanding job!!!! for lettting me know what to expext,,,my expat friends were there in 2002-2003 and can’t wait to go over now,,,,,all for now ,,,,,,,Aloha from Honolulu,Hawaii

  6. Sandy says:

    Hi Rob, thank you so much for providing such a great review of accomm options in Sville. I am visiting with 2 families (10 of us) in July and really like the look of Serendipity Beach Resort but have tried everything to get an email address or website for them so I can make a booking but have not yet found a way to get in touch. All booking sites such as agoda show them as having no rooms available on any dates??? Do you have a email or web address for this hotel.
    Our other option was to stay at the Cove or Above Us Only Sky but half the group want a nice pool. I read with interest that you used the fantastic looking pool at the Sokha for $5 a day, that would suit us fine do you know if that is still possible and would it be easy to walk from the Cove to the Sokha.
    Lastly please – the attraction of the Cove,Above Us Only Sky is some of the pictures of the beautiful, clear blue water directly in front of these places – is that likely to be the case in mid July do those conditions only occur at other times of year.
    Thank you so much for considering my questions. Thanks again for such an informative and interesting website which is now happily located on my favourites bar:-)

    • Rob says:


      First of all, I discovered why Serendipity Beach Hotel seemed to have no vacancies. It seemed strange to me because July is the off season. They actually have plenty of vacancies in July, but they have not yet set up an online booking system, so Agoda and the others, instead of saying as much, just say, “No vacancies.” It’s pretty annoying and I’d never have caught it if you hadn’t asked, so thanks. You can contact them direct at

      July is the rainy season, so nobody can guarantee what the weather will be like. I love the rainy season here because the air is so fresh between rains, but when there’s rain, there are also usually onshore winds and the ocean water can get pretty dirty. A place with a pool would probably be better than one without.

      I haven’t been to the Sokha pool for awhile. I’m sure you can still pay to use the facilities, but don’t know for sure whether or not the price has gone up. I’m not familiar enough with the Cove or Above Us Only Sky to recommend them for families, but you’ve piqued my interest. For now I still recommend Serendipity Beach Resort for groups and families because it’s so large, centrally located and reasonably priced.

      Let me know how it goes when you email them.

      I hope you enjoy Sihanoukville and the weather is good for you.

      Best regards,

  7. David says:

    Hi . We are two families of four each coming for three weeks dec to jan …..
    Looking for a mid priced place with a pool. Thinking beach resort and reef best options?
    Reasonbale bet?

    Also looking to head out to an island for two or thee days.
    Any recommendations in that regard?

    Great blog by the way. Has been very helpful

    • Rob says:

      That’s a tough question to answer, since everyone has different tastes/budgets. Sokha Resort is a safe bet because it has everything – beach, swimming pool with big children’s area, playground, etc. Victory Beach Hotel is really nice, but the beach in front of it isn’t all that great. If you don’t mind not being on the beachfront, then maybe the new Serendipity Beach Resort, which is about 20 metres from the pier and has a huge swimming pool. I’m attaching a link to it now, so you can check it out.

      As for the islands, there are many boats going out to the islands every day. Most of them leave from the pier at Serendipity Beach. I don’t recommend the Booze Cruise for families, but there’s everything else, including a chartered yacht and a big boat that looks like a paddle steamer that goes out for day trips. It’s been awhile since we’ve been out to the islands, so I’m not too clued in. When you arrive, ask at Ana Travel up on Serendipity Road for unbiased advice.

      I hope that helps.

  8. Dale says:

    Hi Rob. Excellent site and great photographs. Your painstaking descriptions of the accommodations is excellent. It sounds like you have found your paradise and that is a mission that 99% of men will never find.
    I was wondering which of your accommodation recommendations would be best for deep sea fishing and the seafood eating. Could that request be coupled with staying at the nicest beach….
    What do you think of flying into Seam Reap on April 3rd, seeing the temples, coming south to the Sihanoukville first, then back to the capitol and flying out on April 10th.Your advice is appreciated, if you have time to drop me a note.


    • Rob says:

      I’m not much of a fisherman and limit my fishing to occasionally throwing a line off the rocks. However, the Fisherman’s Den is something of a Sihanoukville icon, I’m told. Here’s the link to their site:

      As for accommodation at the best beach, that’s a tough question. The best beach accommodations in the city are Sokha Resort and Independence Resort. They’re pricey, though. My hands-down favorite beach is Otres, but it’s a little out of the way. A good mid-priced beach accommodation is Victory Beach Hotel or there are dozens of good accommodations in the Serendipity area. That’s a good starting point for newcomers because it’s close to all the boat charter and diving centers. The beach isn’t much, though. A nice mid-price accommodation with a pool is a good compromise. Coolabah and Reef Resort are both nice and are right on Mithona Road. Aqua and Beach Club are just a short level walk from the beach.

      It’s such a matter of personal choice, I prefer to describe all the accommodations rather than recommend specific ones.

      Hope this helps!

  9. Benay says:

    Any tips for how to go about renting a house long term (6months – 1 year)?

    Thanks for the great resources!


    • Rob says:

      Rental prices are very good right now, but you need to be careful. Get a legal lease and don’t trust any verbal agreements like, “I’ll fix the plumbing before you move in.” As a newcomer, you’re probably safer going to one of the real estate agents along Mithona Road in the Serendipity area. Any motodop will be able to suggest a place, but you’ll probably pay too much for it. In my opinion, they’re the worst people to ask for advice about anything. My wife occasionally finds places for people. She gets a commission from the landlord based on the rent and the length of the lease. Let us know in advance and perhaps she can help you.

      That said, I’ve heard very few rental horror stories. Most stick with their lease agreements and everything is in working order. One friend paid $200 a month for his first house, but didn’t like it and his landlord offered him another one on a quieter street for only $150 because he liked him. Another paid $60 for a one room + bathroom freestanding home and was perfectly happy there.

  10. Frans says:

    Als ik het goed begrijp komt u uit Belgiƫ?

  11. Hey, thanks again for the link to your site.

    Have you heard anything about The Cove? Seems to have reasonable reviews online.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, I’ve heard a little about the Cove and it’s on my list of places to review. In all, I think there are about 50 hotels and guesthouses I want to cover. Eventually I’ll sort them by district. Unfortunately, I have too little time to devote to my site, so it is going to be a slow process.

      • Nick says:

        Hi Rob.

        I have just found your blog. Top marks. I am one of the Co. Managers of the Cove and have been here onsite since May 2010. Obviously after David’s post. Since November 2009 the location is no known as The Cove Beach Bungalows however has gone through some sizable modifications. We still have 13 traditional bungalows both double and twins over 3 standards, Standard, Superior & Deluxe. We also have now 1/2/& 3 bed AC rooms as well as a 3 & 4 bed AC Apartments. Rates vary from low to moderate to high depending on the time of year and for alot more real time info see: Thanks again for your blog. If anybody needs anymore info please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Kindest regards, Nick.

        • Rob says:

          Thanks for the update, Nick. I’ll try and come around soon to take some pics for a blog and will update my description as soon as possible.

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