Sophie’s Sihanoukville Guide Service

Sophie at Sihanoukville Airport prior to flight to Siem Reap

My wife, Sopheak (Sophie for short) has led a fascinating life. As a very young girl, she got lost and lived alone in the jungle for nearly 3 years. Later, she worked for a private company embassies called upon when they needed help. Often, she was asked to do simple things like help a bewildered tourist in a jam, but on occasion, she was called upon to investigate crimes and/or be part of a team that accompanied deceased persons back to their home countries.

Sophie’s experiences during those years gave her invaluable experience and contacts. I’m very fortunate to have had her expertise to call on throughout the six years I’ve lived here. Now that our children are old enough to be left here at home with her family and me, Sopheak has gone back to doing what she loves: helping visitors to the Kingdom of Cambodia. This time, though, she is working on contract as a tour guide for an international travel agency and freelancing here in Sihanoukville instead of investigating crimes.

About Sophie’s Sihanoukville Guide Service

What is Sophie’s Sihanoukville Guide Service and how can you benefit from it? In a nutshell:

  • Sophie speaks excellent English as well as several other languages. She can serve as a liaison for you on your travels throughout Cambodia, where English is not always understood.
  • She knows every fascinating nook and cranny not only of Sihanoukville, but most of Cambodia. She can safely take you to fascinating places that are off the usual tourist radar.
  • Sophie has an excellent rapport with local authorities. If you need help, she can find it for you. Even many local Cambodians call on her for help when they have to deal with the authorities.
  • Her genuinely friendly and upbeat personality will ensure you enjoy having her as a traveling companion.

Rates and Requirements

Sophie’s day rate is only $50, plus expenses. Her services are available to:

  • Couples
  • Families
  • Groups

If you want Sophie to accompany you to Phnom Penh, Siem Reap or elsewhere in Cambodia, you will need to pay for all transport; her single room in the accommodation(s) where you stay; all meals; and incidental expenses (such as entry to Angkor Wat). Of course, she will help make all travel arrangements for you if you wish.

For more information, contact admin[at] and we will get back to you. Sophie is also available in person on Skype, so include your Skype address in your email and we can arrange a time for a call.

Sophie's tour group at Angkor Wat

Members of Sophie’s tour group outside Angkor Wat. Child minding while Mum and Dad explore is a job Sophie enjoys.


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