Working Abroad

When I came to Sihanoukville, Plan A was to buy and sell homes. The town was in the midst of a housing bubble. The bubble burst in 2008 and I found myself with a home, but no source of income. Plan B was to teach English as a second language, as I had done in Australia, but the pay here is appalling, even if you can find a job. There was no Plan C until a friend who had moved back to America because he was broke offered me a job working online.

My first online job in Cambodia, which was for an SEO firm in the U.S., lasted for about six months until it was abruptly terminated. By then, I was completely reliant on an income, my saving having been depleted long before. Fortunately, that first job introduced me to the online possibilities and I began looking for writing work.

The first writing gig I got paid $50 for 30 300 word articles. I took it because it was either that or not eat. Gradually, I learned my way around the market and today, 2 years later, I am making a decent and regular income as a writer. I’ve acquired a lot of links, information and knowledge about working online. This section of my blog will be devoted to that.

The first thing I want to share with you is Elance. After trying several other services and being mildly to severely disappointed, I finally started applying for writing assignments through Elance. It took some time, but I gradually built up a solid 5 star rating. Click on the link to my profile or the link to Elance here and from there you can see all they have to offer.

I’ve also been introduced to some great tools that making working online and collaborating with others much easier. I’ll be adding links to those to the site as time goes on.

The main point I want to make right now is that you can make a living online. It would be best if you planned ahead and got your start before you find yourself in a desperate situation. I learned the hard way. I hope this section of my site helps make it easier for you.

I also have a website, Writing Resources. It’s mainly there as a place for my portfolio to be available to potential clients, but when I have the time, I also write tips for writers and other blogs that might be of interest to travelers and expats looking for online work.

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